Game Three – Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec

You hate for it to be said, but it’s now time to put or shut up! They couldn’t score on the Montreal Canadiens in Game One, and managed to put just one behind Carey Price in Game Two. Well they had better find a way to put more behind him on tonight, while trying to not serve up those hot apple turnovers that have killed them in both games. Two games down and heading into the Lion’s Den also known as the Bell Centre in Montreal can almost be certain death when you are down two games. Yes comebacks can be had, but seriously, do you really think that would be likely?
307 teams have fallen 0-2 and 41 have won. That’s 13%. The Boston Bruins in their history have been in this 0-2 hole 26 times and have come back to win zero times. And the way the current edition Bruins are playing…what do you think their chances are!
The Bruins crashed and burned again on home ice with a solid thumping by the Habs by committing deadly mistakes and the opportunistic Canadiens put three of them behind Tim Thomas who clearly seems to not be at his stellar best!
The Bruins were without their captain as Zdeno Chara did not play and spent Friday night in the hospital dehydrated. But that is no excuse for the blatant giveaways that were served up to the Canadiens by Boston defensive corps. Just one of the things that made for frustrating fans to leave a playoff game with more than five minutes left in the game.
What will tonight bring? Diehard thinks more of the same! I don’t see Claude Julien making any significant changes despite the fact that he did pull Nathan Horton off the top line late in the game Saturday night. I’ve railed about this coach since day one. There were reasons he was fired by the Canadiens. There were reasons He was fired by the New Jersey Devils with two games left in the season of the number one seed in the playoffs. He has no in-game adjustments. He doesn’t make his players who aren’t doing the right things on the ice pay for it with their ice time reduced. He just stands pat during the game and hopes that it will all work out.
And when it doesn’t, he just keeps on doing whatever it is he does and the Bruins keep losing and everyone except him is frustrated with this team and its playoff performances.
Going back to the ridiculous Eastern Conference semifinals of 2010, The Boston Bruins have lost 6 straight playoff games and have looked horrendous while doing it. Sure the players can be blamed, but the Coaching and the management has to take a lot of that responsibility as well.
Game three tonight and like I said before game seven last year against the Philadelphia Flyers, I have no faith that this team will win this game, never mind come back in the series. I hope they prove me wrong, but once again, they have shown that they are regular season pretenders.
The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full bloom and soon, the Bruins will be dead on the vine!

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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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