Bruins – Montreal Game Four, Montreal

Which Boston Bruins team will show up this evening in Montreal. We all hope that it will be the one that was on the ice for the first two periods of game three. Thanks to the Canadiens desperation, we do not want to see the third period Bruins in which they were helter skelter, could not get the puck out of their own end and gave up 13 high quality shots on net while managing just two shots on the Montreal goaltender.
In that third period, it was the first time that Tim Thomas displayed the Vezina Trophy candidate goaltending that he showed pretty much all season long! Although the two goals he did surrender had a lot of “softness” in them which in the playoffs just cannot happen!
This series has shown that the first goal scored is the all important factor. Montreal did it in the first two games, while the Bruins built a three goal lead before hanging on in the aforemention third period. But they also played inspired hockey in those first two periods. They took advantage of the turnovers that Montreal handed them and made Carey Price look beatable.
We could talk about some of the bad things the Bruins did in that game, such as the “too many men” penalty in the first minute of the game. Or the power play, or lack there of but these things have been going on all year and the Bruins have been able to survive it. They managed their way to a 103 point season with scoring efficiency and a darn good penalty kill. They seem to no longer rely on the power play which is a good thing. It hasn’t produced all season and there is no reason to think that will change in the playoffs. Just decline the penalties.
Home ice has not meant an advatage for either squad although if you have ever witnessed a playoff hockey game in the old Montreal Forum or currently the Bell Centre, you can see and feel why opponents can feel intimidated playing there. Boston seems to not have that problem, its what that crowd can do to stimulate the Habs when they need to comeback such as Monday night or worse, when the get the lead and stymie the Bruins.
Win or lose tonight, the Bruins will be back home to play in front of their fans Saturday night at the TD Garden. A Boston win tonight and it’s a best-of-three anyone’s series and a happy flight from Dorval Airport to Hanscom Field. A loss would put the Bruins in a familiar hole in which history does not lie on their side!

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