Bring on the Flyers!

Didn’t you just breathe a heavy, make that a real heavy sigh of relief when Nathan Horton’s shot from just inside the blue line eluded Montreal Goaltender Carey Price in overtime? Or did you jump up and scream with glee (From sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico) that this series was finally over and the Boston Bruins had dispatched the Canadiens in Game Seven at the TD Garden Wednesday night.
Having lost their last three game sevens, Canadiens in ’08, Hurricanes in ’09, and their next opponent, the Flyers, the Bruins advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals with a scintillating 4-3 win over their bitter rivals The Montreal Canadiens.
After losing the potential clincher in Montreal, Bruins fans really didn’t know what to expect because bad things have happened to the Bruins so many times in these seventh games, especially when it involves the team from north of the border. But Wednesday night, although still nerve-wracking, they made things a bit easier for themselves and for the 17,565 fans in the building by getting the early lead. But alas, we’ve seen it before. A one goal lead late in the third, a Montreal power play goal and we go to overtime.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the Conference Semifinals. The Bruins were the aggressors and with just over five minutes played in the first overtime session, Nathan Horton, who also scored the Game Five OT winner, did it again. Euphoria.
Stunning is a good word to use for this victory because of the way it played out. Usually its stunning in the way the Boston Bruins have lost so many other playoff series. Down 0-2 in games heading to Canada, down 3-1 in Game Three, the Bruins won four of the next five, three in overtime!
This victory is so satisfying for many reasons because of the 32 previous times these two teams have met in the playoffs, Montreal had one 24 of them. Well, the Bruins are far from batting .500 but this will do for now!
It’s on to Philadelphia, Saturday for the first of that series and maybe even more redemption for Boston because we still remember last season playoff collapse.
No more need be said except, Go Bruins!

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2 Responses to Bring on the Flyers!

  1. Chris MacEacheron says:

    Nerve-wracking to say the least. Didn’t feel the slightest bit comfortable when Kelley put us up 3 to 2. The phantom call on Bergeron felt like it was part of the nasty Bruins-Canadiens script we’ve seen in the past – just another way for us to lose painful and ugly. When P.K. launched that missile past Thomas (one that may have decapitated him if it had actually hit him) I started to ask myself, “Do you really want to watch how the rest of this game plays out?”. Hope Lucic get’s his head on straight for the Flyers series. Other than the pass he made to Horton on the game winner last night he was in a horrible, lethargic funk the whole night. Can’t have that as we go into a series that were certainly be more physical.

  2. scot cooper says:

    They won, and I loved it, but good grief they’ve got to play better. Great to have a Lucic sighting on the game-winner. No more drop passes at center ice on the PP, fellas. Is Kaberle an old European word that means invisible?

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