Get The Clincher over with TONIGHT!

Hey Boston Bruins,
The Great Northwest awaits your arrival! One of North America’s Greatest cities wants to see a host of Black and Gold Spoked “B” jerseys roaming around seeing what British Columbia has to offer!
The Vancouver Canucks have punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals Tuesday night eliminating the San Jose Sharks. It is now your turn to claim your magic pass to the right to claim hockey’s Holy Grail.
Tonight you can send the Tampa Bay Lightning and their fans back to the sunshine and beaches and golf courses of the Florida Gulf. Do not leave anything to chance. Bruins, you are one game, one win from what no one thought was going to happen at the beginning of the season, or really, at the start of the playoffs. But here we are on this roller coaster ride of playoffs where there has been a lot of excitement, a bit of shock and much surprise and now, anticipation of what could happen around 11pm this evening. Do NOT let this come down to everyone beginning their Holiday weekend with a game seven. This is not necessary. Elimination games are meant to be won immediately. Do not let Tampa Bay extend the series. It is yours for the taking.
Make tonight your best game of the series, hell your best game of the playoffs. Lightning Coach Guy Boucher has announced that a well rested 41-year old Dwayne Roloson will start in goal but that cannot stop you from YOUR goal.
The only thing that can stop you from your appointed spot in the final round is the Boston Bruins. You have been playing with fire for most of the playoffs. Down 0-2 to the Canadiens and you come back to win game seven in overtime. Philly Series was never in doubt. You lost game one at home. Up two games to one this series, you had a three goal lead in game four and suffered an embarrasiing loss. You didn’t play well back home in game five but excitingly, pulled out a 2-1 win. So, now you are back in Tampa and one solid performance away from getting to a place where the team has not been since I was almost young.
Take that all expenses paid trip to Vancouver, British Columbia right now and send all of us fans on a very happy Memorial Day weekend.
Tonight is the night to bring this series to an end and not leave another seventh game to chance.


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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