Game Seven – Stanley Cup Finals for the Winner!

I was all set to be down in Eastham Saturday evening finishing up my annual rib roast dinner with my extended family and ready to take control of the remote to view the Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Bruins in Vancouver facing the Canucks. But now we and they face a game seven at Boston Garden Friday night. How did this happen again? How does it keep happening with this team that has had many chances to knock an opponent out only to come to the penultimate game time and again.
In games where Boston has a chance to clinch with Claude Julien behind the bench, the Bruins are three and seven, and that includes game six in Tampa where Boston was outshot, outhit, lost more face offs and that abysmal power play continued to be an embarrassment. Nothing changes during games as far as an adjustment to things not working.
What to expect tonight’s clinching game? It’s so hard to gauge with the way this team has made it this far. Tim Thomas has been great in some games and pretty average in others. Bruins managed a mere 20 shots on 41-year old Dwayne Roloson in game six yet scored four times. But some major breakdowns on the penalty kill and some soft goals have put us all in this position of putting our holiday weekend on hold for one night.
The Bruins are 1-3 in their last four game seven’s. Beating Montreal in this years opening round but losing to the Flyers, Hurricane, and Canadiens before that. The Philly and the Carolina losses were at the Boston Garden. Once again the Bruins have a chance send the fans into the street on a Friday night…Beginning Memorial Day Weekend with the weather so nice with a euphoria not felt in Bruin fans in quite a while. Is there such a thing as the due factor?
This Boston Garden has had many exciting games and big victories, but not since this building opened has the Boston Bruins played in such a big, ginormous, statement game as this one that could push them into the Stanley Cup Finals.
In this blog, Diehard almost never makes predictions. As a matter of fact, I have only done that once.
I am not ready to make that prediction again because of the way they seem to come back from a notable loss only to win the next big game.
Tonight, once again the nerves are there. The apprehension is there because you hockey is so different especially in game seven.
The Pittsburgh Penguins are not here, The Washington Capitals are not here. Nor are the Canadiens and Flyers. It’s your time right now. Carpe Diem Bruins.


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