Bruins – Canucks Game 3 Preview!

The Boston Bruins are about to host their first Stanley Cup Final game since May 24, 1990. It’s an exciting time for the Bruins and their fans and yet there is this skepticism and negativity surrounding the the first two games in Vancouver.
Why is everyone, as far as Boston fans & media being so ridiculous about what’s going on in this Stanley Cup Final? Do people really want Shawn Thornton to go back in the lineup and beat the hell out of either Maxime (the expletive) Lapierre, or Alexandre Burrows and remove a possible scoring threat such as Tyler Seguin? Would that make everyone happy? Should Tim Thomas all of sudden change his style of playing goal just because of what happened in overtime of game two? Does anyone think that Claude Julien will change ANYTHING that has brought him four wins away from a Championship, or two wins away from dismissal!
Absolutely not. The Boston Bruins simply need to do the things that got them to the Final. They need to play better in the neutral zone and for goodness sake, stop turning the puck over period.
The Bruins need to reverse a disturbing trend in which they become very passive late in the game.
Too many times the Vancouver Canucks were able to exert their will and get Boston back on their heels. From the 11:35 point of the second period in game two, when Mark Recchi gave Boston their only lead of the Finals 2-1, the Bruins had no answer for what came in wave after wave from the Canucks. Aggressive would be an understatement as Vancouver had six shots on Thomas the rest of that period and the Bruins managed just one on Luongo! It was more of the same in the third as Vancouver pressed for the tying goal and eventually got it on yet another Boston turnover.
This has to change. Cliché-ish as it sounds, Boston needs to play a 60 minute aggressive game and push the Canucks back where they are the ones turning the puck over and the Bruins getting quality scoring chances on Roberto Luongo who has really not had to make many tough saves in this series!
All season & playoffs the Bruins have been able to comeback and make things equal. Tonight we need to see those type of results because Vancouver has been the best team in the National Hockey League all season long and so far, they have the results to prove it!
The Bruins have not won a Stanley Cup Finals game at home since 1978 when Bobby Schmautz scored in overtime (no, I didn’t need to look this up) to beat the Montreal Canadiens game four in overtime.
Tonight would be a nice first in a long time and hopefully the start of something big!


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