Bruins – Canucks Game 6 Preview

I dared to think about it. I dared to imagine the incredulous feeling that could have been Monday night at the TD Garden. Friday night while driving home from work, I had that tingly feeling we all get when we think of the improbable, the excitement we get from some of the greatest moments in our lives. I had come THIS close to turning that corner and letting it all hang out.
What the hell was I thinking!!
I should know by now that what Ringo Starr said so long ago, was oh so correct when he sang “it don’t come easy”.
These Stanley Cup Playoffs have not been easy for the Boston Bruins or for us, the fans. Seven games against the Canadiens, a tidy four game sweep of the Flyers, a tense seven game standoff with the Tampa Bay Lighting, which now brings the Stanley Cup to Boston as the Bruins are on the brink of elimination.
After lighting up the Vancouver Canucks & Roberto Luongo for 12 goals in the two games in Boston, you would have expected more of the same in Game 5, but a funny thing happened on the way to Canadian soil. The B’s lost their scoring touch and Luongo managed to take lessons from Tim Thomas on how to play goal. Despite the Bruins putting 31 shots on the Canucks goalie, many were not of the quality variety. In three games to Vancouver, the visitors have scored a mere two goals. That definitely is not good enough to get you where everyone would like to be.
We’ve had the weekend of the Red Sox pummeling of a different Canadian sports franchise in the Toronto Blue Jays as a distraction and now we wait with anticipation. It may be game six, but really, its game seven and should the Bruins win, it’ll be game seven-A back in British Columbia. The building will be rocking but every Bruins fan will have that nervous energy hoping that the home team will continue to deliver that knockout blow that has been this series.
I’ve reeled in that imagination of mine because what I was envisioning cannot happen now, at least now in Boston. I’ll go back to being a jaded but hopeful fan that will be doing my regular job all day, trying not to think of what lies ahead tonight. That’s not going to be very easy. I’ve witnessed this before and things didn’t turn out so rosy. The hope here is that it turns out a lot better!
Go Bruins!!

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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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