2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins DVD is out – Get it!

It’s been a little over a month and I’ve yet to not watch a rerun of any of the Boston Bruins playoff games that the NHL Network has been running since June 15, 2011, including Sunday nights game seven against the Montreal Canadiens. Yep, Nathan Horton still scored in overtime. The high and euphoria has not worn off and why the hell would it. Generally over the years I have not purchased any of the Bruins merchandise simply because I never wanted to put any more money into the Jacobs bank account, but all that has changed and the day following what truly is a date I will never forget, I was on NHL.com ordering whatever they wanted to sell me that said 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins including the upcoming DVD of their run to the Cup!
Well, Monday night I got to be one of the lucky few that got to view that DVD and relive the moments that were so tense and yet exhilirating in their conclusion…all without the nervousness and angst that goes along with the playoffs and elimination games of which the Bruins faced four.
Getting to watch this and take more notice of things, there were several key things. Most of the focus was on the Conference Final and the Stanley Cup Final. Absolutely no mention of the drama about the Zdeno Chara-Max Pacioretty incident in Montreal. And really, does anyone watching this DVD really care. The Bruins opening road trip to Europe cannot be discounted for this squad really being a team and the fact that from day one, Tim Thomas was your number one goaltender! Tuukka Rask would’ve had to have been Tiny Thompson-esque (kids, go look it up) to unseat Thomas and he was not even close!
There was the February win streak that pretty much locked the B’s into that three seed which provided the home ice advantage in which two of the three seventh games were played in Boston. The Tampa Bay seventh probably being the best game they played in the Playoffs period!
Several of the Bruins were miked up, Andrew Ference, Gregory Campbell, Chris Kelly to name a few. All of which is just great for Bruins fan, but for me and which the producers of this video did a good job with is the Final! Chris Kelly is heard actually giving praise about Roberto Luongo saying he is a great goalie. (I guess Sweet Lou wanted it from Thomas) Ference telling former Canadien Maxime Lapierre “you’re not that tough”. Of course, we all knew that.
The stunned silence after the hit on Nathan Horton and the referee telling Vancouver Captain Thelma….er…..Henrik Sedin that Aaron Rome hit him late and he would be out of the game. Bobby Orr rockin’ Horton’s 18 flag before game four and Luongo being pulled early in that game. The Game five stuff with a shutout for Luongo and his testifying that he would’ve had the one goal that Thomas allowed in and TIREPUMP-GATE!
Game 6 was more Brad Marchand picking on the Sedin’s and Luongo with two flat tires and Marchand and Bergeron putting the finishing touches on a fun playoff season with two goals each in the finale on “Boston ice” as Nathan Horton, during practice, poured a bottle of melted Gahden ice onto the Canucks home ice!
What most fans will definitely enjoy is the lockerroom celebrations and the few extras that the NHL provided with the “History will be made” commericals. There could have been more about the regular season, but really, the 16 wins is what its all about!
I’ve been a Boston sports fan all my life, I’ve been a Boston Bruin fan even longer. This Championship really captured what I’ve been waiting for all of my adult life, the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruin DVD is almost as good!

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