The February Blues!

Since last we wrote, the Bruins have had a change in direction. There was a couple of Tim Thomas columns, one of which I was bashed about the head and shoulders for my thoughts on which I still stand by. They have been playing less than .500 hockey and looking badly while doing it.  The wins and streaks of November and December are distant memories. Since January 23rd’s Stanley Cup Celebration Day at The White House, Boston has lost seven of eleven matches and in that stretch have been shutout four times! In all of those losses the bruins have not scored more that three goals and only did that once.

Nathan Horton hasn’t seen the ice since the afternoon before The White House against the Philadelphia Flyers after suffering concussion-like symptons and his return to the Boston lineup is nowhere in sight. David Krejci has been on every milk carton in New England as he has just not been producing in any way shape or form. Rich Peverly is on IR with a sprained knee.

Zdeno Chara, Dennis Seidenberg and the rest of the backliners have made critical mistakes at key times contributing to the malaise.

The goaltending has been spotty at best for both Tuukka Rask & Tim Thomas and those other-worldy like numbers that both had in late 2011, no one remembers.

So, with the trade deadline looming, it seems that the Bruins would like to add a winger and maybe another defenseman. But who would you have to let go to get what you are looking for and please, there will be no Rick Nash in the Spoked B.  Lets not be crazy, afterall this is still the Bruins and do you really think they are gonna swallow the rest of that contract which has 6 years and 7.8 million per anum left on it. Yeah right!

This happened last year about this time.  The Bruins were mired in the third seed in the East and just rolling along and a .500 pace. Claude Julien was being fired and Tim Thomas was being traded. So we’ll just let it all play out as it always does and let the ice chips fly.




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