R.I.P. Carl Beane!

It was October 1986 and I had just got my first accreditation to the Boston Bruins. Tom Cuddy Sports Reports had acquired for me as I had just began to work for him. Tom told me when I get into the Garden, go upstairs and ask for the Bruins PR man, the Great Nate Greenberg. He will tell you, as a rookie, what you need to to do. But he also said, ask for Carl Beane. Carl also did work for Tom and he would help me down in the locker room after the game because it can be intimidating the first time.

Carl took me up to the ridiculously small press box and we watched the game together. Not only was I happy about being in press row watching the team that I had worshiped since 1970, but I got to laugh. If you knew anything about “Beanie”, which is what I called him, he could make anyone laugh and he loved to make me laugh because I was an easy target for him.

Whenever I would see Carl, he would always greet me with that loud booming voice with “REE-CARDO” (my name is Ricardo) and I would light up.  Back in the late 80’s when the Red Sox were sorta good and the Toronto Blue Jays, were also pretty good, I had the pleasure/chore of covering those games for CBC Radio. Of course I would sit next to Beanie up in the third row of the press box and of course he would do things to make me laugh and if you know me, I laugh out loud – even before the acronym LOL was even thought of. The “unmade beds” as he called the knights of the keyboards down front would turn around and look at us as if we were crazy. We were but we didn’t care. It was a baseball game not a church service. Have a little fun he always said.

When Carl won the  job as the Voice of Fenway Park, he and everyone that knew him,  knew he would be perfect. He was at the ballpark every day covering the team, now he could be a part of the Red Sox. He loved it.  It would never pay the bills but he loved it. After the World Series victory in 2004, it not only paid off for the team, but it paid off for Carl. He would do speaking engagements with the World Series Trophy and get to tell all about the team and the job that he was proud to represent.

One thing that Carl and I always had a rift about was that he was a tried and true Montreal Canadiens fan and he knew how much I hated them and we always had fun with each other when the two teams played each other.

I last saw Beanie was Mar 10, up on the 9th floor and he was the same ole jovial dirty old man he always was and I loved it.  Beanie was an unforgettable character who I will miss.

Goodbye my friend. Sleep well!




About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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