The End of the Tim Thomas Era with the Bruins!

It was June 15, 2011 and like every hockey fan in Boston/New England, Nothing else mattered as The Bruins captured the Stanley Cup after 39 years of failure. Tim Thomas won The Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP and we all thought nothing could take that great feeling of pride and glory away from what this Bruins TEAM had accomplished!

Fast forward to January 23, 2012 and the annual invite of a sports franchises invite to the visit The White House and EVERY Bruin player made the trip to Washington except the MVP goaltender and all were wondering why a supposed TEAM player would not accompany his mates to what was to be a mostly obligatory, but honored tradition.

Thomas posted on his Facebook page back then,  (who knew he had one before this) “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.…”  I said back then that his excuse was lame and it was all about him and his politics when it should not have been.

Well after several more posts, media questioning him about it and his “Peace out” see ya later attitude, and a first round exit from the playoffs, there is no question it is all about him and to hell with the TEAM.  Thomas has decided to put a noose around his teams neck again, via Facebook with his decision to sit out next season. He sites that its time “to reconnect with the three F’s. Friends, Family, and Faith.”

On the surface, that statement says it all and is to be commended, after all, as my good friend Gil Santos always says, sports is the toy department of life. But since sports is also big business now, does he think that he does not owe something, to the people that pay his salary? The Bruins? The fans that supported him and still support him no matter! At least a reasonable explanation!

“Sitting out” the season is not retiring. Does he plan on playing in the 2013-2014 season? Should the Bruins put all their forward thinking into waiting for him to make a definitive decision?  The bottom line is no matter what we as fans think, what we have known since January, and really not before, is that Tim Thomas is an individual and doesn’t play by anyone elses rules but his own, and that’s fine!

I really don’t care what athletes do in their private lives. I’ve never been starstruck like that. I marvel at their talents and what they provide for the teams I root for.

For two months at the end of the 2010-2011 regular season, Tim Thomas took us on a spectacular roller coaster ride through the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was all about the TEAM that had so many key moments by key players – Michael Ryder’s save in game three and subsequent OT goal of the Habs series, Chara’s skate block in the same series, Nathan Horton’s OT goals, Patrice Bergeron & Brad Marchand, in the Final. But it was the sliding across pad save in OT against Brian Gionta. The reach back stick save on Steve Downey “that would not go”, and the shutout on that day of The Final that I will never forget. All provided by Boston Bruin Goaltender Tim Thomas.

I wish this had all come to a better end instead of some fans thinking you are a lunatic and others applaud what you are doing right now! I do hope someday that you will return to the TD Garden when the Bruins will make it YOUR night in which it will be all about you as your accomplishments will be acknowledge.  You will forever live in the hearts of many fans for what you accomplished in your professional life which affected us fans. I  can’t speak for your life personally as no one but you and your family know about that and that is fine with me!

Just know that for me, as a lifetime Bruins fan, I will never forget Wednesday night June 15, 2011.



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