Never Under-Estimate David Krejci

It has been said that in life you should never take for granted anything that you have. You should be proud for all you have and never forget just how fortunate you are. Actually it was my mom that used to say that to me all the time.

Which brings me back to the trading deadline this past season when a lot of so-called experts (fans and media) were throwing out the name of one David Krejci to be traded. Krejci was not the player that everyone thought he would be after the Bruins had signed him to a new contract during the 2011-2012 season.  They wanted him packaged and sent on his way for another teams mystery player.

Well in the words of The Heavy, “How you like me know?”

David Krejci is and always has been the premiere playoff performer for the Boston Bruins. In playoff year 2009, after his first full season with the Bruins, in 11 playoff games, he had two goals and six assists before the team was eliminated in the second round by the Canadiens in seven games.

In 2010, the Bruins were rolling along in the playoffs as Krejci potted four goals and four helpers in nine games unitl Game three of the second round when he took a viscous but legal hit from Philadelphia Flyers Mike Richards,  dislocating his wrist. He had surgery that night and the Bruins won that game to go up three to zero and without him, they would make history by losing the next four!

2011, the Stanley Cup Championship year, Krejci was Boston’s leading playoff scorer with 12 goals and 23 points in 25 games and had it not been for the Bruins Vezina winning goaltender Tim Thomas, he may well have won the Conn Smythe trophy for outstanding playoff performer.

Which brings us to Wednesday night’s magical performance in Toronto against the Maple Leafs. The game itself was just one of the best playoff games since the Cup run of 2011. Toronto scored early and late in the first period and headed into the first intermission with a 2-0 lead and the Torontonians were happy, loud, boisterous and confident. But they also had to kill a penalty called late in the period and carried over to the second and Patrice Bergeron would score on the powerplay 32 seconds into the 2nd period to put the Bs back into the game quickly.

But it was Krejci taking over as he went right into the crease to deflect in a Brad Marchand shot to tie the game before Nathan Horton slid a pass across the slot for a one-timer over the shoulder of Leaf goalie James Reimer and the Bruins had their first lead of the game.  Unfortunately they were a bit sloppy in their own zone and 44 seconds later Toronto’s Clarke MacArthur  would tie it at three.

The Bruins had not won back-to-back games in a month and it was Krejci with the Hat Trick goal and game winner in overtime that once again propels him to that Premiere Playoff Performer status. Yes he can’t do it alone as his linemate Horton took a knee on knee hit as he made the play to spring Krejci down the left side holding and holding before finding the spot that would put the Bruins in position to clinch the series back home at the TD Garden Friday night.

So be careful what you wish for and although sports teams should never fall in love with your players, never take for granted the talents of what is right in front of your eyes just because things aren’t working for you at the time. Right now, David Krejci, we like you pretty darn good.



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