So here we are again. Right back to the spring of 2011. The Bruins were making their way to teh end of the season with so much doubt about what would happen once they got there. After the disappointment of losing to the Flyers in Game seven at home after leading 3-0 in the series as well as the game, how would they perform. There was tons of speculation that Coach Claude Julien would be fired should Boston not make it, AT LEAST, to the second round. And after dropping the first two playoff games of the year, at home, to hated rivals, Montreal Canadiens, not only was the handwriting on the wall, Gentle Giant movers had already been schedule to come to the TD and have the coaching staff and maybe even the General Manager shipped out immediately.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the end of that years tournament. The ship was righted. Michael Ryder made a glove save, scored an OT goal. A puck glanced off Zdeno Chara’s skate, Nathan Horton scored an OT Goal, and lest we forget Tim Thomas. The Bruins won the Stanley Cup and not only saved the coaching staff, but MANY of the on ice jobs were rewarded with fantastic contracts, for THEM, not so good for the Bruins as they are now in Cap jail.

Which brings us to 2015 and with single digit games remaining, the home team finds themselves on the outside of the playoffs looking in and hoping they get help from others along the way. This was not the way this season was supposed to be played out. But if you’ve been paying attention all year, this team has been a Jekyll and Hyde masterpiece.
The Bruins began October with a mediocre 6-6 record and everyone thought, yeah, it’s early. They be OK. But you just knew that losing one of the core players of that 2011 team, Johnny Boychuk (traded to the New York Islanders before the season) would come back to haunt them. It did when Captain Zdeno Chara was lost for a number games to a knee injury, likewise David Krejci. November and January were Dr. Jekyll months as the Bruins had eight wins in 12 games in each of those months, while going 5-9 in December and a horrible Hyde-like 4-8 in February. Back to mediocre in March coming in so far with 6-7 after beating the Rangers at the TD Garden on Saturday. That win has them back in that eighth and final playoff spot as both Florida and Ottawa lost their games in overtime Saturday night and face each other Sunday.

Still no playoff spot is guaranteed as Boston is bunched up with the Senators and Panthers for final payoff spot. The Bruins still have two games to play against the Panthers which could decided the fate of either and they have to hope that the Sens have a collapse.

Two weeks to get things on the right track and look like the good Dr. Jekyll, otherwise Mr. Hyde could rear his ugly head and that would not be a good thing for the team and possibly coach and management!

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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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