Stick a fork in ’em! They are done! D-U-N Done!

Utter Failure. Those were the words of the President of the Boston Bruins, Charlie Jacobs halfway through this current season and after game 81, truer words were never spoken. From Presidents Trophy to not making the playoffs in basic disgusting fashion. Granted, Ottawa can lose Saturday afternoon and the Bruins could beat the Lightning in Tampa, but c’mon, do you really think either of those scenarios are gonna happen. I don’t and if you do, I have a bridge that I travel over every day that I want to sell you. Hamstrung (their own doing) by the salary cap and just too many players not performing up to the standard that Boston fans and the Bruins themselves are used to has put this team on the precipice of MAJOR front office chances. Does Peter Chiarelli get to keep his job and make chances that will be good enough to make the playoffs next season. And if so, does he still keep the mantra that as long as he is here, Claude Julien will be here?

One thing I will say about the coach is that he is one stubborn SOB. We all know that since the opening round of the playoffs in 2011, it’s been his way or the highway and damn anyone who questions is methods, those methods that to this day he refuses to change. Young inexperience players shall remain in the background, seen and not heard from. Older players that brought the Bruins and Julien success, move to the front of the line despite your age or the fact you are no longer what you were. Those methods no longer work for this team. The team needs the infusion of young talent. The team needs to let those young inexperienced players make their mistakes during the season so that come time for the big games, the important playoff making games, and the playoffs themselves, they will have the knowledge, experience and where-with-all to contribute and put in a position where it becomes instinct.

Just think back to February 2, 2015, Super Bowl 49. All of were thinking that the New England Patriots were about to lose their third Championship Game in the final minutes. But their coach puts all of their players in a position to make a play should they be on the playing surface in a big spot. The Butler Did it.
This is the thinking that must be applied as the Boston bruins go into the sunset this season and onto next! Claude says you cannot live in the past and play in the past, well my thinking is you cannot coach the same way you have in the past. The league has evolved and should you not evolve with it, you become stagnant and everyone runs by you. Right now, the Bruins have been passed by a lot of teams including that team they lost to Thursday night, despite the fact they are not yet playoff material.

We wait for what happens through the weekend. By some stretch of the imagination they impossibly wiggle their way into that eighth playoff spot, it will only be a matter of time before elimination hits because if it’s mental and physical fatigue that has hit the Bruins, as Julien iterated thursday, then making it in to play the Rangers is only a matter of how many games before this season ends! But some sort of change must come to the Boston bruins. Whether it be in Hockey Operations personnel or on-ice, what has been shown this season, is unacceptable and must be dealt with promptly!



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1 Response to Stick a fork in ’em! They are done! D-U-N Done!

  1. charlie says:

    why can’t we have players like tyler seguin?f#@$&*@#! damn sindon,i mean charrelli

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